About Us

Thanks to our advanced technological infrastructure and specialized workforce, we design and produce epoxy tables and luxury furniture products in various variants to meet needs and expectations.

Product diversity; While fashion increases with different designs in line with needs and expectations, it selects the materials it will use with great care. It offers the best combination of materials that will maximize pleasure and comfort to the user.

Products; It is packaged in a special format with double corrugated cardboard, air bubble nylon and thin nylon, three-layer packaging and labeling system, ready for shipment in accordance with international standards. It is then placed in wooden crates and shipped.

A special SSH unit has been established within our company to assist the companies with which we have commercial relations with product support and after-sales service. Products are delivered on time by paying careful attention to the concept of time.

As quality policy; In the rapidly developing world, to design and produce in accordance with changing expectations and to ensure user satisfaction by constantly monitoring product quality in line with quality management principles.

Every new product that is appreciated becomes a supporting force for us to do better and more developed. For the future, our company continues its development in the sector at the same pace and is on its way to maintain its reliable and preferred structure by adding new products to its product range.

Within the framework of this understanding, TINELLA WOOD continues to provide the best service it can to its customers in terms of complementarity, with the success it has achieved.